How to Hack: Stepping into Security

This semester's Georgia Tech GreyHat Club Applied track will be a series of lectures and hands-on labs covering ethical hacking and penetration testing. The goal of this seminar is to create security-minded programmers and to encourage secure code. We've composed a syllabus for the semester containing administrative details, learning objectives, and tips for obtaining maximum benefit from the class. You can find the syllabus on Google Drive.

Slack: #applied on GreyHat Club Slack (use your email).
Lab server: (connect with netcat)
All materials are on GitHub.


Meetings will take place Mondays at 6:30 in College of Computing Building, Room 017 (in the basement)

Intro & Kali Linux13 January
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day20 January
Reconnaissance: Information Gathering and Enumeration27 January
Exploitation: Frontend web attacks3 February
Exploitation: Backend web attacks10 February
Exploitation: Attacking WiFi17 February
Lab Review Session for Weeks 1-524 February
Exploitation: Attacking programs2 March
Exploitation: Password attacks, malware, and social engineering9 March
Spring Break16 March
Exploitation: Attacking systems with Metasploit30 March
Post-Exploitation: Privilege Escalation & Lateral Movement6 April
Pentesting Lab6 April - whenver my Google Cloud Platform credit runs out
CTF Review13 April